Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life Happens...An Introduction

Well it's time that I caved and jumped on the blog train. This past year has been a series of crazy events. A year ago I was a senior at Baylor pretending that I knew everything about everything and I was really comfortable where I was.

Within the past six months everything that I knew, and was comfortable with, completely changed. I moved halfway across the U.S. to Nashville to start a job in the music industry. This was a dream come true, I never in a million years thought that I could be "that guy" with one of those great jobs that is really fun to talk about with people at dinner parties and when meeting strangers.

Recently I realized that I needed a change; I needed something crazy to happen and challenge me in life. A friend of mine told me over coffee that he wanted to just turn off his Facebook and it hit me...I spend a lot of time on that social media device. I wondered about what all I could be doing besides spending time "tagging" or "wall posting." So I decided to challenge myself: One Month with No Facebook.

The start of this blog will document the series of life happenings being "digitally removed" from Facebook. It'll continue after a month, with more of my life happenings, so stay tuned.

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