Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Concert Among Friends...

Wow, today started completely differently than it ended. I guess I had my own plans in order and The Man Upstairs clearly had other plans.

I forgot my phone today at home as I was rushing out the door to get to work (my usual whirlwind of throwing myself out of bed, grabbing my coffee, and hitting the road to get to the office) I felt completely detached from the world until lunch when I was able to run home and retrieve it from my night stand.

I'd missed a few texts including one from Sarah Leyda that said "I have an extra Michael W Smith and Amy Grant ticket for tonight's concert at the Ryman...first person to text me gets it"....of all days to forget my phone...

I had some other plans going on tonight, but in the luck of the draw, Sarah's friend was called into work and I was asked to go :)

Michael W Smith and Amy Grant taken from our awesome seats!

It was my first concert at the Ryman and I got to enjoy it with Sarah on the front row balcony. Incredible experience. Amy and MWS opened up the show with a duet of favorites and they both performed several of their hits individually. It was so neat to see their dynamic and how they seemed to just pick up where they left off.

Amy was so comfortable and was able to make a connection with every single person in the 2000+ audience. Her light humor and contagious smile made everyone feel welcomed. Highlights included "Better than a Hallelujah," "El Shaddai," and clearly "Baby Baby."

Amy singing "Better Than a Hallelujah" 
In between sets there was short intermission where we were able to stretch our tired legs from sitting in the wooden pews of the Ryman. As it turned out, I wasn't the only fan of the "Friends" on tour, one miss Kristin Chenoweth was able to enjoy the concert as well in the aisle next to us. I tried to contain my excitement in a very professional way (I was doing backflips in my head I was so excited.) Michael and I also were wearing the same jeans. Obviously, we have a lot in common.

Michael singing through his worship set

It was an incredible concert that I will not forget. So many great songs that brought me back to childhood! Amy even said "There's just nothing out there that can bring you back like music."

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