Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Eats and Letters...

With all this free time I've given myself I've had plenty of time to dive into some awesome local restaurants that have allowed me to expand my palate. If you guys have any suggestions let me know.

City House Restaurant
First off, I recently tried out City House. This was a legit trendy restaurant that was very unassuming. Pulling up to the house, I didn't expect but about 4 people to be able to fit inside, but once you go in it's an awesome atmosphere with great food. I tried out the Margarita Pizza. Simple, yet delicious. It was just the right size to fill me up and I enjoyed every bite. It was also the cheapest thing on the menu. Bonus

French Toast at Frothy Monkey
If you know anything about me, it's that I've got to have coffee within arms reach pretty much my entire day. So on Saturday mornings I enjoy going to Frothy Monkey for breakfast...this is when I'm in the mood for a trendy local change from my usual Cracker Barrel. The French Toast is out of control good. Paired with a simple coffee, the French Toast served with fresh fruit (including a blood orange, who thinks to use blood oranges in their fruit medleys?) is a perfect combination. You can't go wrong with the friendly people and a cup-o-joe to get your morning started.

I also had some time today to write some letters. That's right...hand-written letters that require a stamp instead of electricity. This was inspired by my friend Leslie who hand crafted her very own Valentine's Day cards (pictured above.) No, I didn't make the paper, but I did take some time to write a few letters! I feel like it's definitely a lost art and I really enjoyed doing some CPR on the subject to revitalize it. I gotta say that the anticipation is killing me's going to take like 3 days for these people to even receive the letters! I guess I'm just so used to instant gratification of knowing that someone got the message!

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  1. Yay for you! Letter writing is such a satisfying process, after you get past the wait of delivery of course. Glad you got your Valentine!